Southwood Drama presents…the 2nd Annual Galt Ghost Walk – Friday, October 13

Southwood Drama presents…


The 2nd Annual Galt Ghost Walk

Friday, October 13, 2017 at 7:00pm
Temporary Box office will be set-up at the old Southworks Antique store porch (parking available in top lot)


Limited tickets still available: $15/each*
*Ticket includes a reception at Monigram Coffee Roasters with a complimentary warm beverage and snack
for additional information and to reserve your tickets today
Sophie Diebold (Red bonnet) playing one of the Guides Elizabeth O’Hare
Trevor Sinke (mask) returning to his role from last year asĀ  Mr. Mancer the possessed Ringmaster
Abegail Spittal (noose) playing Mistress Emily who is said to haunt the old Galt Post because she hanged herself from the rafters of the old clock tower in 1919 because she couldn’t be with her love William Sutherland Turnbull (they had an affair).

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