Course Calendar

Southwood’s Course Calendar contains the information that students and their parents / guardian require to make informed decisions regarding course selection.

Course Selection

Please make your way through the following steps to ensure you have completed all aspects of course selection. It is very important to choose courses carefully.  The timetable is driven by the selections students make throughout this process.  Changes after March 22nd are not guaranteed.

Step 1: Timelines

MyWay will be open Monday February 8th to Monday March 22nd for course selection. Please try to complete course selection by March 9th to allow counsellors to look over your child’s selections.

Step 2: Research and Plan

Look through our Course Calendar 2021-2022 for a list of all courses and course descriptions. Go directly to page 40 for a list of courses by grade.

Use the appropriate workbook below to help with your planning.  Please reach out to your child’s guidance counsellor if you have any questions.

Step 3: Enter Course Selections

If you are not familiar with the MyWay portal, please take a look at  MyWay Instructions for Course Selection .

Please use the following link to select your students courses

Step 4: Parent/Guardian Approval

Parent/Guardian approval must be provided by completing this Course Selection Parental Approval Form

Thank you for taking your time to research and plan out your child’s course selections for next year.  Your child’s selections are what drive the school timetable.


Grade 8 Course Selection-Out of Board

The Grade 8 Course Selection Package includes information for prospective grade 9 students.  It includes academic program overviews along with course selection forms.


A helpful way to plan your high school courses and connect to post-secondary opportunities is to use MyBlueprint (connect via  MyWay).  Click on the COURSES tab to review courses that you’ve already taken and create multiple plans for the rest of your high school experience.  As you build your plans, MyBlueprint will connect you with post-secondary opportunities that may be of interest.