General Citation/Bibliographic Guidance

Listed below are  helpful websites and a variety of documents that you can download and use in recording your research sources and creating your Works Cited.  If you are using a number of the same type of source, you can copy over the required information for that sources type into a blank Word document and create a custom source log for your project. Please note that to cite indigenous oral history and oral teachings, the University of Alberta has developed guidance beyond what appears in the major style guides.  Please use the guide linked below to correctly source and cite indigenous elders and knowledge keepers; it provides guidelines for the major citation style guides.

Citing Indigenous Elders and Knowledge Keepers

Research and Documentation Online: a Comprehensive Citation Resource (Click here)–Diana Hacker’s website  has a comprehensive overview of different citation formats and detailed examples of how to cite a wide variety of items. This excellent site on documentation provides examples of how to cite less common sources, and provides guidelines for working in different citation formats.

Copyright Explained–a great outline of what source material you can and cannot use in your assignments

LLC Style Guides Resource Page

MLA Citation

MLA Documentation Help (click to go to resource page)

MLA Style Guides

Using MLA Parenthetical Citations–An example of how to integrate citations into the body of your paper.  This link will open a document with examples of how to integrate parenthetical source citations into the body of your research paper.

MLA Source Log–Most common source types

MLA Source Log Digital–Digital/Artistic Sources

MLA Source Log Print Sources–Books and Encyclopedia

MLA Source Log Online Sources–Virtual Library and Internet Sources

Sample Bibliography–Check this to see correct formatting of a Works Cited Page

MLA Source-specific Note-taking Forms

Use these guides to record point-form notes from research.   Different layouts for different source types are provided. The first document gives helpful general information on how to take good notes.

MLA Note-Taking / Paraphrasing Practice

APA Citation

APA Documentation Help (click to go to resource page)

APA Source-specific Notetaking Forms

Chicago Manual of Style (CMS)

CMS Documentation Help (Click to go to resource page)

CMS Source-specific Notetaking Forms

Graphic Research Organizers

These worksheets help you to organize ideas or questions  AND  to critically evaluate research results.