Southwood Staff Contact Information

Guidance Counsellors and Classroom teachers are available to answer student and caregiver questions by email.
Addresses can be found HERE.

Guidance on Google Classroom

Join your Google Classroom for access to supportive resources.

Grade 9 – Graduating Class of 2022-23 – vrhghz6
Grade 10 – Graduating Class of 2021-22 – kjculsx
Grade 11 – Graduating Class of 2020-21 – k3tplkk
Grade 12 – Graduating Class of 2019-20 – xxtz77q

Guidance Appointments by Phone

If you are experiencing an emergency that requires immediate response, contact 911.
Click HERE for a list of community-based crisis support resources.


If you would like to speak directly with your Guidance Counsellor, use the booking system links below.  You will need to include a telephone number and time that you are available within each Counsellor’s booking window.  Assignments are arranged by the first letter of the student’s last name.


Mrs. Madge Head of Guidance Services
B, C, D, E, H, J, K, N, O, P, R, W


Mrs. Krawchyk
L, M, T, Z


Mr. Giesler
F, G, S, X


Mrs. Martin
A, V, Q, I, U, Y

Call / Text

Mrs. Cooke
School Nurse