Southwood is proud to offer a strong, diverse athletic program. We compete in WCSSAA in several sports, run by experienced, knowledgeable, and energetic coaches. Out student athletes are among the best in Waterloo Region. They always represent SSS with class and pride competing at a high level. On top of their studies, they put in hundreds of hours dedicated to their sport.

Here is the link to the WCSSAA website, where you can view schedules, results, standings and more.


Southwood is also proud to offer a great intramurals program. Our athletic council students run several events throughout the year. Our intramurals program offers students a chance to participate in all types of activities and combine a great balance of competition, participation and fun.

Southwood has an excellent fitness facility. It is our belief that personal fitness is crucial to the health of our students as well as their academic success. Our fitness facility features state of the art equipment and our staff is very knowledgeable about current fitness techniques. Fitness memberships allow students to take responsibility for their own fitness.

Southwood is proud to have a dynamic, organized Student Council and Athletic Council. They help organize every athletic endeavour at Southwood. Their commitment to Southwood athletics and school spirit make so many events possible.