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Physical and Health Education


Things you should know about Phys-Ed at SSS:

  1. Students enrolled in the SSS Phys-Ed program will be introduced to a wide variety of individual and team activities during their secondary school years. Some of the courses offered in the Physical & Health Education Dept. are:  Healthy Active Living, Leadership, Live Fit (girls), Power- Fit/Cross Training (boys), Recreational Leadership, Off-Campus Activities and Exercise Science.
  1. Students must wear a SSS Phys-Ed UNIFORM which consists of green athletic shorts and a grey SSS P.E. t-shirt.  Both pieces of clothing are available from a SSS P.E. Teacher. (Shorts — $20     T-Shirt — $15)  Students will also be required to wear athletic socks and appropriate shoes for the various recreational activities.


  1. Facilites: We are proud of our many facilities here at Southwood, from our change rooms to our gyms, weight rooms and fields. We do our best to keep them clean, safe and in the best condition possible. They are here for you to use and we expect you to treat them with the utmost respect.
  1. Physical & Health Education “Evaluation” emphasizes Healthy Active ParticipationAthletic Performance and Student Knowledge.  For a student to be successful in Phys-Ed Daily Attendance and Individual EFFORT” is extremely important.

Daily Expectations:  (These will ensure a good mark and create a fun, safe environment)

a. Be here, on time, in the appropriate uniform, ready to learn.

b. Help with the equipment needed for the day.

c. Listen actively to instruction.

d. Participate positively – – on task and give your best effort.

e. Respect individual differences in the class and offer positive encouragement.


  1. SSS offers many opportunities for students to get involved in various student activities and school teams.  Students are strongly encouraged to get involved and make school an exciting and rewarding place to be!!!


  1. The SSS Coaching Staff is always looking for keen students who would like to get involved with a school team as a manager, scorer or timer.  Please see a P. E. Teacher for more details.  This is a great way to get started on your community service hours!!!


Get Yourself Involved at SSS.  It’s a GREAT place to be!


Mr. S. Tupling (Department Head)  

Mr. R. Baird 

Ms. C. Clipper

Ms. K. Krawchyk

Mr. J. Stewart

Ms. B. Wilson