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At this time the library is closed to in-person student access.  In order to sign out materials, you must reserve them in the online catalog and they will be dropped off at your classroom.  Here are tutorials on how to reserve materials online:


Book Signout Request Google Form

Video Reservation Tutorial

Slideshow Reservation Tutorial

To search our collection CLICK HERE   Then log in using your userid and password to restrict the search to Southwood.  Interlibrary loans are not possible.

If you have a question about library resources, due dates etc. please do not phone the school.  Contact me via your board gmail at shelly_blom(at)wrdsb.ca


Southwood students and staff are invited to join our Library Skills Google classroom.  It is a place you can get guidance in accessing our digital resources in the virtual library.   Join code for the classroom is: x65qdyy

Keep checking back at this page for tutorials on how to maximize your use of our digital resources.

Logging in to the Virtual Library

Using the Overdrive Ebook Collection (Mostly Fiction)

Using the Infobase Ebook Collection (Non-fiction for research)

Using the EBSCO and Gale Databases

Using the CBC Curio Video Database

Using the Criterion on Demand feature film collection

You can access E-books through our online collections at wrdsb.insigniails.com/library/Home  Click on the KEY icon in the top navigation bar to log in using your WRDSB email and password.  Some of the resources may ask you to log in again once you get to the resource site.

Clicking on the Overdrive button will take you to a wonderful collection of novels for all reading levels.

Infobase is a wealth of non-fiction information for high school students.

Capstone has terrific accessible non-fiction information.

We have been given access to an additional ebook collection.  Visit the SORA resource and login with your PAL and password.  SORA EBook Collection



You can access documentary and creative video content through the Virtual Library as well.  Curio.ca is produced by the CBC and during the COVID-19 crisis all contect is available to our users.  LEARN360 also packed with video material to support our curriculum.  A subcollection called Criterion on Demand focuses on feature films, including adaptations of many novels.  Go direct to Criterion on Demand by clicking on the three-bar icon in the LEARN360 header.


If your password is not letting you gain access to the Learning Commons and the resources it includes, but is still allowing you into your Chromebook, Classrooms and Gmail, then your password has likely expired.  Your classroom teacher has access to MyPassword to reset your password for you.

How to Reset Your Password