Individual Pathways Plan

The Individual Pathways Plan is an important tool that we use to help students discover who they are, explore all educational and career opportunities, and create their own pathway to success.  Students are encouraged and directed by their guidance counsellor to keep track of what they discover about themselves and their interests during their high school career.  It is our mission to ensure that all Southwood students leave our school with a plan for their post-secondary pathway as well as the knowledge and confidence in their ability to adapt and revise this plan throughout their lives.

Parent Involvement

Career Cruising is an important tool that we use to implement your child’s Individual Pathways Plan. All parents have access to the Parent Portal on Career Cruising where they can be involved in their child’s career development decisions and monitor their progress through the IPP implementation.  Your child will need to login to their Career Cruising account, click on the Share My IPP tab and then click the link to Invite Parent/Guardian.  This will allow you to follow your child throughout their IPP implementation.

Student Log-In Information

  • Visit
  • Username:  waterloo  Password: 47500
  • Log into your personal account.  Your Username: same as User Connect, Password: Student Number
  • If your child has trouble logging in, please have them see their Guidance Services Counsellor

For detailed information about your grade specific IPP, please visit Southwood IPP

IPP Worksheets