Today, Wednesday, October 19 is International Pronouns Day. This day aims to raise awareness of personal pronouns by encouraging education and mutual respect. It’s important to recognize and understand that sharing and using people’s chosen pronouns affirms human dignity. Using the wrong pronoun can be extremely hurtful, damaging and offensive. Particularly to transgender and gender noncomforming people.

Understanding pronouns

International Pronouns Day refers to third person personal pronouns. These describe a person you are talking about. In English, third person pronouns are often gendered, which can lead to assumptions about someone’s gender identity. Examples of pronouns include he/him, she/her or gender-neutral pronouns such as they/them.

How you can participate

There are a number of ways you, a group, or your community can become involved in International Pronouns Day:

  • Use the #PronounsDay hashtag on social media.
  • Post your own pronouns on social media to make it more commonplace.
  • Discuss the topic of pronouns during a staff or team meeting today. Be prepared to answer questions and share resource material.
  • Consider watching videos about trans issues and pronouns for educational and informational purposes.

Remember, knowing and using a person’s correct pronouns makes people feel valued and respected. It fosters an inclusive environment and affirms their gender identity.

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