For Treaties Recognition Week, we decided to share snippets of what our staff are sharing with students. Thanks to Ms. Cornel and Ms. Joseph for all their work on these resources!

Slides from Ms. Cornel

A slideshow snapshot of the materials Ms. Cornel has shared with staff and students.

Activity from Ms. Joseph

The first part of Ms. Joseph’s activity that she shared with staff and students.


  • Have you heard of a treaty before? Maybe you’ve seen something on tiktok?
  • Do you think it is a new term or an old term?
  • Did a treaty / treaties happen before Canada existed or after Canada existed?

Video explaining treaties.


  • Come up with your own explanation of a treaty.
  • Do you have any questions about treaties? Add them to a voice note, or write them down as a checklist, to see if they get answered later.


  • Now we know what a treaty is, why are we learning about treaties?
  • Treaties exist right now, and you have a part within them. Most of you already know if you are a settler, or part of a Nation.
  • For many of you, this is a new consideration.

Video on treaty responsibilities.


  • When you hear people talk about what is happening in the news around Lobsters, or with the Land Back encampment – maybe from your family, or from one of your friends, either now or in the future – there is a good chance you will hear:
    • “Why does it matter, I didn’t do it.”
    • “It was so long ago, why is there such a fuss?”
  • Here is some information you can make use of, when a conversation is safe to do so:
    • You exist within a system that benefits a few, and harms many others. No one chose this, but here we are.
    • If you are not changing this system, you are upholding it. And so the choice is yours. Change systems that harm other people, or maintain them if you benefit from them.

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