You may register for “School Day” by clicking the “register” button on the “School Day” icon found on our school web page. Next week (Wednesday September 16th) we have our student card and yearbook sale. Parents can use “School Day” to purchase one or both and not worry about sending cash or cheques to school on that day. We provided information in your child’s start-up package regarding what information you need to register for “School Day”

Once you are registered:

Parents may purchase the yearbook prior to September 17th through “School Day”and save $5 off the regular price of $40. Look for “Supersale-Sabre Yearbook 2015/2016”

Parents can also purchase the full year fitness membership prior to September 17th and save $5 off the regular price of $45 by using “School Day”. Look for “Supersale-Fitness Club-2015/2016-Full Year”.

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