The Waterloo Region District School Board’s innovative programming was on display at the board’s Transforming Education: Literacy and Numeracy for a Changing World event.

The event, hosted at Groh Public School, showcased how instruction supports student achievement and well-being. Those in attendance included representatives from the Ministry of Education, local government leaders, community organizers, and educators.

“We have taken time to listen to students and members of the community. We heard that the traditional approach to education, the way in which we were taught, no longer suits the needs of all students. We cannot have a first-class education if some students are left behind. The transformation that we’re leading sets the WRDSB apart,” Director of Education jeewan chanicka.

Attendees had the opportunity to participate in interactive demonstrations and presentations, engage with program leads and education experts, and learn about the WRDSB’s innovative curriculum. The staff passionately shared strategies and approaches, allowing partners in education to witness and experience the innovative ways in which the WRDSB leads education.

“This event allowed our partners in education to witness and experience the innovative ways in which we at the WRDSB are leading education in the region, across Ontario and across Canada,” said Board of Trustees Chairperson Joanne Weston. “Guests had the opportunity to engage with educators and students who are at the forefront of change within our school board. These changes align with our commitment to creating learning environments where students excel as they become skilled, caring, and compassionate global citizens.,”

In speaking to the audience, Director chanicka highlighted the commitment of WRDSB staff and educators in planning innovative programs. He noted that student-centred learning was allowing WRDSB students to thrive in their learning environments.

About the Transforming Education Event

The event featured various demonstrations that aimed to showcase the WRDSB’s commitment to providing comprehensive and engaging education for its students.

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