In order to prepare and implement the new Grade 9 program and support students’ achievement and well-being, our secondary schools are offering 4 blended learning days this semester: April 27th is the third of these days.

Students are not required to attend in-person, but will have learning provided through the virtual classroom and live meetings with their teachers. Attendance will be taken, but in-person attendance will be optional on these days. Students who choose to attend will be provided a supervised study space.

We look forward to providing more information about de-streaming and single streaming work in Grade 9 and 10 as we develop our plans further.

ACE students may attend school as usual, but parents can choose to keep their students at home.
From 8:10 – 10:45 am, students should log in to their classes and complete the work provided by the teachers for all courses. Students should plan to spend approximately 35 minutes on each course.
Synchronous learning will take place virtually for classes beginning at 11:25 am.
11:25 am – 12:02 pm – Period 1 (Block A)
12:05 – 12:42 pm – Period 2 (Block C)
12:44 – 1:21 pm – Period 3 (Block B)
1:23 – 2:00 pm – Period 4 (Block D)
The final Blended Learning Day is scheduled for Wednesday, May 18.

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