Start Up Packages for 2022-2023 will be available at the school Monday, August 29-Thursday, September 1 from 7:45 am Р3:00 pm and Friday, September 2 from 7:45 am Р12 noon. There will a station available for parents to review, sign and submit the Data Verification Form to avoid the first-day-of-school rush. We strongly encourage all families to pick up your Start Up Package during this time. The Start Up Package includes:

  • Student Timetable (if not picked up this summer)
  • Data Verification Form
  • New School Year Checklist
  • School Year Calendar
  • Regular Day Schedule
  • School Day Information (for those without an account)
  • School Map (Grade 9 students only)
  • Grade 12 Information (Grade 12 students only)
  • Adult Status Form (Grade 12 students only)

The first day of school will be a special schedule with Grade 9 orientation in the morning. All students will proceed to their first period class directly after lunch. The first day schedule will be shared via School Day and the school website during the week of August 29th.

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