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Secondary E-Collections (Online Reference Sources)

A Sample of the E- Books Available by visiting the links above include:

Atlas of the North American Indian, Third Edition: Native Studies, History

The Attack on Pearl Harbour: American History

Being a Leader and Making Decisions B: Careers, Business

Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering: Science

Censorship: Sociology, Law, Philosophy

Civil Unrest in the 1960s: American History

Colonial America: American History

Dealing with Bullying:

Early Civilizations: Ancient History

Easter, Passover, and Other Spring Festivals

Elizabethan England: English, History

Empires of Ancient Mesopotamia: Ancient History

Empires of Ancient Persia: Ancient History

Food Security: Foods and Nutrition, Environmental Studies

Genocide and International Justice: History, Law

Globalization and Free Trade, Second Edition: History, Geography, Business

Handling Peer Pressure

The Japanese-American Internment: American History

Lent, Yom Kippur, and Other Atonement Days

The Middle Ages: Ancient History, English

Old World and New: History

Overcoming Prejudice


Religion and the State

Religious New Year’s Celebrations

Renewable Energy: Geography, Environmental Studies, Science

The Scientific Revolution and Medicine: Science

The Scopes Trial: American History

Sustainability: Geography, Environmental Studies, Science

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: American History

Waste Treatment: Geography, Environmental Studies, Science

Woman’s Right to Vote: History

Women’s Rights, Second Edition: History, Law

The 1920s and 1930s: History